Super Mario Galaxy 2


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Release date
May 23, 2010
Nintendo EAD Tokyo

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The WII is one of the most important video game consoles in the history of video games. A console characterized by a fabulous catalogue of games full of gems like Super Mario Galaxy 2.

In fact, there are many fans of retro games that still enjoy WII, thanks to WII emulators like Dolphin, Cemu or Decaf.

Don’t you know what emulators are? Emulators are programs that mimic the hardware of an old game console allowing you to enjoy classic games like Super Mario Galaxy 2 on your PC or mobile.

How to download Super Mario Galaxy 2 WII ROM?

If you didn’t have the chance to play Super Mario Galaxy 2 because you are young or would simply like to play Super Mario Galaxy 2 again and recreate those beautiful moments of your childhood, downloading the Super Mario Galaxy 2 ROM and an emulator may seem like a great idea.

However, although emulators are legal, sharing and downloading ROMs is illegal because the video game developers own the copyrights.

Although many people approve of downloading ROMs of out-of-print games, at HackRoms, we do not support piracy. Therefore, we do not host or link to any copyrighted content.

But don’t worry, luckily there are several options for you to get Super Mario Galaxy 2 in a totally legal way:

  • Amazon: Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. Among many other games and gaming accessories, you can find Super Mario Galaxy 2.
  • Retro Video Game Stores: there are stores specialized in retro games such as GameStop Retro, JJGames, and DKoldies where you can find games you thought impossible to get.
  • Second-hand stores: second-hand stores are also a great option, and you probably have one near your home. So you just have to go and take a look at the video game section.

If you are a true fan of retro games, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 is not yet part of your video game collection. There are no more excuses because now you know different options to get it.